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"Hong Kong Time Bank Web Platform" 3rd Seminar

In recent years, "time banks" have emerged in overseas countries, and a number of social welfare organisations in Hong Kong have tried out the Hong Kong Time Bank project, which aims to bring together the community and encourage participation from all walks of life to respond to the needs of the community and bring economic and social benefits in the long run.

At the seminar, Ms Cheng Shuk-ting, who has pioneered a number of community economy projects in Hong Kong, and Dr Tat LAM, who specialises in the use of technology to assist community projects, were invited to share their experiences in building community relations and the use of technology in the Hong Kong Time Bank.

The seminar participants will receive an electronic version of the "Hong Kong Time Bank Web Platform 2022" brochure. After the webinar, there will be a mini-event of organisation visits to exchange hands-on experience with Time Bank residents and co-workers.

Topic: Community Relationship Building and Technology Application

Date: 17 September 2022 (Saturday)

Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm (Target Audience: All sectors welcome)

Format: ZOOM web conference (link to the conference will be emailed to those who have registered on 15 September)

For: people/groups who are interested in or currently involved in time banking

Language: Cantonese

Enrolment Links:

For enquiries, please call 2702 9897 or email Ms Cheng: Shuk-ting

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