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HINCare Received a HKD 15 Million Donation from the Little Bluebridge Foundation

Congratulations to Professor Reynold Cheng and his team for receiving a donation of HKD$15 million from the Little Bluebridge Foundation for further development of HINCare.

Initially supported by a 4 million HKD Midstream Research Project supported by Innovation and Technology Fund in 2019, HINCare aims to enable healthy ageing and volunteering. HINCare contains a user-friendly mobile app and a cloud-based backend system, utilizing state-of-the-art Heterogeneous Information Network (HIN) technologies to recommend helpers and services to elderly users. With the collaboration of the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) scheme in 2021, HINCare is now equipped with advanced activity enrollment, reward redemption, and data analysis features that benefit 8000 users from 16 NGOs in HK China. Our platform, which has accumulated more than 10 million minutes of time credits, has won several awards, including two Hong Kong ICT Awards, two Asia Smart App Awards, and a HKU Knowledge Exchange (Engineering) Award.

With the generous donation, Professor Reynold Cheng’s team will continue to enhance HINCare in the next five years. Collaboration or data sharing between different organizations will be explored to expand volunteer services. Besides NGOs, other companies can also participate in volunteering through HINCare, creating more impact and cultivating mutual-help culture in our community.

Certificate of Merit at Asia Smart App Awards 2021

Certificate of Merit at Hong Kong ICT Awards 2021: Smart People (Smart Aging) Award

Visiting Christian Family Service Centre

HINCare Showcase

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