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Data Science for Social Goods: STAR Lab's Experience

Reynold, our project coordinator, will be invited to give a talk about "Data Science for Social Goods: STAR Lab's Experience".

In this talk, he will discuss how the HKU STAR (Social Technology And Research) Lab uses data science technologies to support elderly and family care services. He will first introduce HINCare, a software platform that provides volunteering and cultivating mutual-help culture in the community. HINCare uses the HIN (Heterogeneous Information Network) to recommend helpers to elders or other service recipients, and is now supporting 14 NGOs and 7.000 users. He will also discuss our collaboration with the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for developing a novel case management and data analysis system for 40% of the family care centers in Hong Kong. These projects have received an HKICT Award, Asia Smart App Awards, and HKU Faculty Knowledge Exchange Awards.

Please stay tuned for the talk, we are looking forward to your participation. The info of the talk is as follows:

Date: Friday, 2023/11/17

Time: 14:30-15:30, Beijing Time

Venue:Room 101, Cheng Dao Building

Format: Hybrid

Language: English

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