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Talk: Recent Advances and Applications in Big Graph Data

Prof. Reynold Cheng was invited by WangXuan Institute of Computer Technology at Peking University to give a talk entitled "Recent Advances and Applications in Big Graph Data" on May 17,2022.

In this talk, He talked about the recent results done by the HKU STAR Lab (Social Technology and Research Laboratory) established in 2021. The lab has been working on fundamental data science research, as well as novel data-driven technologies for serving the society. He described how we tackle the challenge of the huge volume and complexity of graph data, based on developing novel graph algorithms (e.g., densest subgraph discovery and higher-order graph analysis). He also discussed how heterogeneous information networks can be used to support the matching of elders' needs and helpers' expertise in HINCare - our multiple-NGO volunteering support platform.

Review the talk through the link below:


Wang Xuan Institute Building Lecture Hall 106

Date and Time:

17 May 2022, 10:00am

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