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Time Bank App Training Workshop 時間銀行APP教學工作坊

In order to let more elder volunteers get familiar with Time Bank App, HINCare team was invited by Christian Family Service Centre (CFSC) to host training workshop last week.

In the workshop, elder volunteers were encouraged to use the App main functions such as accepting invitation from requestors, check-in and check-out volunteer service and signing up center activities. After the workshop, HINCare team collected many useful feedback and will improve the application in the future.


在工作坊中,長者義工使用了APP的主要功能,比如接受義工服務邀請,報到和結束義工服務以及報名中心活動等。HINCare團隊收穫了不少實用的反饋, 並將會根據意見改善時間銀行APP。

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