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Time Bank 2.0 mobile app and web-portal in Testing Time Bank 2.0應用程式和網絡平台正在測試中

Updated: May 22, 2020

Below are some snapshots of the Time Bank 2.0 mobile app for Christian Family Services Center (CFSC) and SKH TKO Elderly Service Center. User-friendly and concise notification and information are the features of the mobile app interfaces.

While the elderly and the volunteers can review their time credit and activities history easily on the app, NGO administrative staff can obtain key analytics of their respective Time Bank project efficiently.

App Homepage Service Request Creation Invitation Records


Service Progress Rating of Service Time Credit Balance


Web Portal for TimeBank Admin Staff

Activities Records and Analytics


上圖為基督教家庭服務中心(CFSC)同將軍澳聖公會老人服務中心(SKH)設計的Time Bank 2.0應用程式界面。以用戶體驗為中心去設計明確清晰的信息提示界面是我們應用程式的特色。


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