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The First Hong Kong Time Bank Platform Forum 「香港時間銀行網絡平台」成立 暨 第一屆研討會

Prof. Reynold C.K. Cheng, our project coordinator, was invited to give a presentation in the first Hong Kong Time Bank Platform Forum organised by SKH and related NGOs. And Prof. Terry  Lum , our project co-investigator, will also deliver an opening presentation in the forum. The forum will be held on 19 Sep Sat from 0930 - 1240 via zoom.

我們項目負責人鄭振剛教授受邀請會在由香港聖公會福利協會公司以及多間共同參與的社福機構舉辦的「香港時間銀行網絡平台」成立 暨 第一屆研討會 進行演講,我們項目的合作研究學者林一星教授亦會為研討會開場演講。

If you are interested in the development of Time Bank Platform in Hong Kong, please feel free to join the open Forum and registration can be done through below link :


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